ISA and PCI brackets

The field of activity at Muco Technologies, Inc. is as wide ranging as the use of electronics. From operating systems in measuring and regulating equipment to telecommunication equipment. From print assembly to the construction of systems and machines.

Muco Technologies, Inc. has over 25 years of experience as a supplier of I/O brackets. Today we have a large die inventory and offer the fatest laser prototype turnaround in the industry. We provide a total solution for your bracket requirements, from the initial design and prototype through the high volume production.

Our manufacturing plants located in the Netherlands and Asia, offer very competitive prices and the ability to ship anywhere in Europe.

High laser beam quality

A TRUMPF laser of the latest generation is integrated in the machine frame of the TRUMATIC 6000 L. TRUMPF lasers have very high beam quality and are noted for their reliability in the rough industrial environment. Parameters for laser cutting are stored as tables in the control, so that the user does not have to work them out himself. The open control system of the machine greatly facilitates operation 


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